How to install Sinhala & Tamil Unicode Support in Windows Vista.

before you begin:

  • Windows Vista (Any Edition)
  • You have log in to an Administrative Account on your computer.
  • Testing was done on a English Language Operating System and may no work in other language operating systems.
  • Downloading was done using the Internet Explore and message will be deferent if you use any other browser.
  • Vista is capable of displaying Sinhala Unicode even with out doing any installation and it has the Keyboard Support built in.
  • Step 1.

    Go to click the "Get Sinhala" Link on the top of the Page. you will get forwarded to Sinhala Download Page.

  • Step 2.

    Click on the Link "Windows Vista"

  • Step 3.

    Click on "" and download the VistaQuickFix.exe

  • Step 4.

    Select "Save" when the System prompt you.

  • Step 5.

    System will ask you to select a location to save the file, i have selected the default download location, just click "Save"

  • Step 6.

    File will get downloaded, please allow some time; once the download is finished, click "Close"

  • Step 7.

    Now you need to go to the place where you have save the file to, if you have save the file in the default download location, go to "Start –> Your User Name"

  • Step 8.

    you will see the "VistaQuickFix.exe" file on the download folder. double click the file and open it.

  • Step 8.

    You will see a Security Wanning asking your authorization to open the file, just say "Run".

  • Step 9.

    There will be a security Alert saying the file is not from a verified source, please say "Allow".

  • Step 10.

    Setup will start automatically.

  • Step 11.

    Click "Next" to continue.

  • Step 12.

    Setup will ask you to select the installation directory, just click "Next"; it will get installed in the default program directory.

  • Step 13.

    Setup will do the installation.

  • Step 14.

    If all went successfully, the system will alert saying the Installation successful. click "OK".

  • Step 15.

    On your talk bar where you "Clock" is you will see a red color icon with Sinhala letter "V" (වී); and "EN" icon, click on the "EN" icon and you will see a menu like below and click "Sinhala" when you want to type in Sinhala.